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FINAL CHANCE FOR 2012: Introductory Lecture on Motoring Journalism – 1 December, Cape Town

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Wednesday, November 7th, 2012 03:20 pm GMT +2

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CAR editor to give lecture to next-gen motor scribes

Love cars? Love writing? Fancy a career in motoring journalism?

For the last time this year, CAR editor Hannes Oosthuizen will give a one-day lecture on this exciting career on Saturday, December 1st, in Pinelands, Cape Town.

The one-day lecture, targeted at those who are still deciding on whether motoring journalism is a career for them, or those who have recently made the decision but are unclear about how to proceed, will focus on the following:

  • Reality check – what is motoring journalism really all about? What is the lifestyle really like? What job opportunities are there and what type of pay can you expect, etc.
  • Tools of the trade – what do you need to become a successful motoring journalist? Studies, writing ability, driving ability, general knowledge and the importance of frame of reference.
  • At the beginning – how do you get a foot in the door? How to build a strong profile and establish yourself. Getting onto the launch/test car cycle. Dealing with the motor industry PRs.
  • Ethics
  • Social media 
  • Being a jack-of-all-trades
  • Vehicle evaluations – the must do’s and don’ts
  • And all other questions answered

Hannes Oosthuizen (35) is the editor of CAR magazine, South Africa’s oldest and most popular motoring publication. He is also the only South African on the World Car of the Year (WCOTY) jury and the author of Cranked Up: Confessions of a Petrolhead.

In this one-day lecture Hannes will share his experiences and personal journey to becoming the youngest editor in the 55 year-old publication’s history. Hannes will also request all attendees to provide two writing examples (brief will follow after confirmed attendance) and he will provide feedback to each attendee. If you would like more information on the lecture, please e-mail



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  • hendrik

    if i ever want to be a motor journalist I will want to test drive the big cars like the bmw m 5 it looks very mighty for a sedan.

  • Miguel


  • js

    What cars does /has Hannes own(ed)? i.e. Bought with his own money. And what cars does he want to own in his lifetime I wonder?

  • Andreas Bothe

    Hi there

    Was just wondering if there is an age restriction?

    I have been reading Car magazine for 33years, started when I was a teenager ( is this giving my age away?) and always look forward to the end of the month for the new issue. Car is also the first magazine that I ever started reading.

    • Car Magazine

      no age restriction!

  • Jerry

    I love cars with all my being, and motoring journalism is in
    my DNA

  • Kione Chetty

    Good Afternoon Team

    Is a lecture for Durban on the cards? I am currently a student in Durban and would love to pursue a career in motoring journalism. Car’s are my first love and being behind the wheel (of any car) is something I treasure. It always seems that Durban is kept out the loop, hopefully this time it’s different.

    Thank you

  • Richard Briers

    I grew up with a father that was a mechanic, and a dam good mechanic! I like to think that I have a sound knowledge of what’s good, bad, ugly (nasty) when it comes to motoring. I am of the opinion that car manufacturers have the average consumers over a barrel; they have this uncanny ability to change, what was once good! too bad and nasty! I call it (profiteering) through inferior design / quality and the idea of getting away with it! This is wrong!
    I live by a code of ethics, and believe that one should be able to inform the public of “how it really is!” the good, bad and nasty! In other words “value for money” in motoring.
    If I had the opportunity of being a Motor Journalist; I would definitely inform the public of “How It really is” in a fair and unbiased approach.

  • Africa

    If only it was in Pretoria I would most definitely be the first one showing interest! Enjoy Durban scribblers and snappers!

  • Ian Roberts

    What is the cost involved and where exactly would this take place. I’m a 2nd year BTech – Mechanical Engineering student with an absolute passion for cars. Would actually love to become a high performance test driver or anything involving the testing and reporting on cars.

    • Car Magazine

      Hi Ian, I’ve mailed you more information.

  • Andrew Middleton

    Great stuff, very keen to have a look. Does this presentation cost anything to go to? Thanks

  • Zane

    Hi, will there be a lecture held in the JHB area as well?

    • UD

      I second this question. I was going to go to the propsed event in DBN which did not happen.

      • Car Magazine

        Guys, the plans were in place to host a Durban lecture, but a lot of the initial support did not materialise when it came to booking, so it had to be cancelled, unfortunately.

        • UD

          I’ll definitely attend if there is a JHB event and am sure others would as well.

  • Jenette

    I will definitely be there, please add me to the list?

  • Nelly

    But why is it in Cape Town only :-( please give another one in Johannesburg.

  • Daniël Maree

    Would love to attend, but it’s also the last chance for regional races at Killarney on 1 Dec … mmm choices, choices