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Elephant Rolls Polo [video]

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Tuesday, January 14th, 2014 10:41 am GMT +2

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By Car magazine

A News24 Travel Reader recently submitted this rather hectic footage of an elephant rolling a Volkswagen Polo in the Kruger National Park.

Sarah Brooks and Jans de Klerk who were in the car were submitted to hospital after the elephant overturned their car a few times eventually pushing it off the road. The elephant’s tusks ripped through the back of Brooks’s upper thigh.

The travel reader who wanted to remain anonymous says it became clear the elephant was becoming agitated when it flapped its ears and mocked charged but the blue Polo kept driving and getting closer to the elephant, they may have been trying to pass the animal.

The Kruger Park National Park management (rather controversially) shot and killed the elephant to prevent it hurting other people but it has sparked an outcry on social media sites. reports that at the time Kruger National Park spokesperson William Mabasa said people should not be quick to criticise the decision. “Our rangers reported that the same elephant bull had been involved in previous fights with other dominant bulls since it has been in musth phase.”

Despite the video footage, Mabasa says the park has no regrets. He believes the animal would have been put down irrespective as it was “unusually aggressive”, with visitor safety coming first – especially since numbers in the park are high during peak season.

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  • elgee

    if u get an opportunity to film something like this hold the camera still

  • Sbk

    Why upload a video with such poor quality?

  • Rohan

    Worst videoing ever

  • koos

    Agreed the guy recording just wasted my time what a ficking idiot

  • Wayne

    You should need a licence to video, so people like this can never post things again, what a complete useless idiot

  • Pieter

    Sad to say, but the idiots are in the Polo. Did they think the elephant will just come over for a chat? This is the wild people, not Cartoon Network. You should never get that close to an elephant in the wild, more so if it’s an isolated bull.

  • Søren Eyser Thulstrup

    Great footage! Impressive that you dared stay and record – thank you for the experience and thank God the people in the Polo weren’t severely hurt / :-)

  • Hamish Mclaggan

    what a fool, had so many chances to not be right on its ass, pissing it off

  • Kane Kanengoni

    cameraman of the year

  • SteveD

    It’s really not that hard to hold a cellphone still for a couple of minutes…

  • Anonymous

    Dead link……

  • Luke

    Video was remmoved :(

  • Boerseun

    Stupid filppen people!!!!! What do you expect. An innocent animal got killed due to your stupidity. What do you expect you where entering his personal space. He really should have rather climbed on top of your little car and crushed it. Ficking Idiots!!!!