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From Hero To Zero… [video]

CAR magazine By:
Wednesday, January 9th, 2013 10:20 am GMT +2

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By CAR magazine

We’ve seen our fair share of dash-mounted camera accident footage over the past few months. Not least coming out of Russia. From what we understand many car owners are taking to installing these cameras in order to make claiming from insurance, in the event of an accident, a slightly less complicated process. Makes sense, right? Why then would you imagine this particular gentleman felt the need to point an addition camera at himself while behind the wheel?

Whatever the reason (although we suspect it may be to prove to the outside world just how cool he is) this additional footage does help us understand better how our hero instantaneously lost valuable street cred…

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  • AA Car Transport

    hhhh this guy put also a camera on himself cuz he lovesss him self sooo much! LOL… I wonder if the insurnace companies in the USA will start requiring those cameras as well…..