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The Videos The NYC Bikers Didn’t Want You To See [video]

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Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013 05:01 pm GMT +2

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By CAR magazine

A LiveLeak user has found and uploaded videos that the biker who posted the original footage of the NYC Range Rover vs Biker road rage incident had tried to remove from his user page.

The footage is taken from various other rides and clearly shows the “gang” breaking the law on numerous occasions. These include running red traffic lights, riding on pavements and, at some points, even riding the wrong way into oncoming traffic.

Here are three of examples of the videos the bikers would prefer you didn’t see.

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  • nigel

    As in the 2nd Video, self-service Fuel Pumps are what is needed in SA to counteract the Forecourt Attendants Strikes.

    • Elgee Strauss

      yes lets just take away more jobs… great idea

      • The Rich

        When I last checked, neither industry nor the public have some kind of a moral obligation to create and sustain superfluous/unnecessary jobs. Whilst there is no denying that South Africa is desperately in need of job creation, there’s no point in hanging on to jobs for the sake of hanging on to jobs. If the world had taken your position throughout the ages, we wouldn’t have the printing press, robotics, or almost any other technological advancement. While I’m not arguing that removal of garage attendants is a technological advancement, there can be no doubt that their jobs are not actually critical to anything, having been surpassed by the automation of petrol pumps and payment systems.

        • Elgee Strauss

          so you must be rich i take and dont care if someone cant support their family, and when they turn to crime and steal or whatever its fine… when last did you look around you and see whats happening, yes if i could create jobs i would because thats just my heart…

    • Adam

      silly guy filmed his pin number as well.

  • Stolla

    Idiots! In a big group they sure have the guts to intimidate people, Go Range Rover! and yhe guy that is now paralized should thank his fellow biker for scaring the people in the Range Rover, that guy was protecting his wife and 2 year old child, What u would u do to protect your family from such intimidation

  • Adam

    I bet this guy is now regretting getting a GoPro. :O